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Farmer Ted

Ginter Farm

“I’m out here in the sunflower fields. They just started blooming about 3 days ago. About the 27th they started blooming. Full bloom will be in another couple of days. My wife stated they would bloom on the 31st two months ago and she wasn’t too far off. I was a few days off. We are getting a few people out right now. We are going to be probably busy this Labor Day weekend. It’s better to come in the early mornings if you can. It is not near as busy. We will have 5 different parking lots.

Please check the page Grinter Farms for the sunflower rules of engagement that my wife has drawn up. They have been rewritten this year because every year we have to have different rules. Each year people do different things. Please no jumping on the hay-bales, or on the equipment. I would recommend you not wearing your stilettos. It is dry out here, wear comfortable shoes. Please take your trash with you. We don’t like finding diapers or anything else. Take your strollers back home with you. We have had a couple nice strollers that people have left. There are donations boxes located by the fields. A dollar a head if you can. Also, please do not set up shop in the fields. If you have already made your arrangements for pictures that is alright. I just don’t want the professionals having a sign up sheet out here. Finally, enjoy the sunflowers. They are good to look at. They are fun. There will be a lot of good people out here.”

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