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We are a bunch of dads in a band.

“I’m Isaac with Golden Groves. We’re a local Kansas City band that has been around for about 2 years. We have recorded 2 EP’s. The first EP was more of a highlight of the things that we thought we could do genre wise. The second EP is more of “this is what we love to have fun with each other.” We are a bunch of dads. A bunch of working guys that try to get together every other week and have a great time with each other. The music we write is spirited, joyful and hopefully the crowd feels the same way about it. You can find us online and Golden Groves on all the social medias pages. Our next performance will be at Daveys Uptown next Thursday night with our friends The Old Son. We will probably play again in December maybe at the Rino. We got something booked up.

One other note is that I have a baby on the way! Anxiously until he arrives and then we will figure things out”.

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